COVID-19 Mitigation

Covid-19 is a threat that can affect the health of staff, economic growth and possibly business survival within an organization.  Also, some cities in Ontario have decided to publish names of business with COVID-19 outbreaks. The improvement in indoor air quality within a facility is an important factor to reduce the risk of airborne viruses […]

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Repair vs replace HVAC equipment

Deciding whether to repair or replace HVAC equipment is never easy; however, the following factors can help you make a decision: Reliability in your system: If the HVAC equipment is an essential element of the business where failure adds to production costs, replacement or redundancy becomes the preferred option. Age of your system: HVAC equipment […]

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The Forgotten Solution

The forgotten solution

The forgotten solution: Forward thinking and creative Professionals are engineering solutions to mitigate global warming and climate change. In the heating, cooling and ventilation sector many Professionals are implementing the use of high efficiency boilers, air conditioners, fans, pumps, variable speed drives, and constructing energy-efficient energy neutral buildings. Automated controls for these systems are affordable, […]

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