Boiler plant retrofit and optimization.

At one of our customer’s locations, Arvin Air Systems identified an opportunity to retrofit the boiler plant, comprised of four atmospheric boilers, with 83% fuel efficiency and intermittent pumping, to a highly efficient boiler plant – with the objective of reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

To achieve this, several system design changes were required:

  • The piping layout was modified to a variable primary / secondary loop, whereupon a low loss header was installed to separate the loops.
  • Three high efficiency boilers were installed to replace the four low efficiency boilers. They are 96% fuel efficient, with variable speed pumps on the primary loop to maintain a constant temperature difference, and variable frequency drives on the secondary loop pumps maintain water flow to the minimum required. Controls were added to automate the operation of the entire heating system.

After full commissioning of the system, this customer is now profiting from a 36% yearly reduction in gas consumption. In addition to the yearly energy savings, Arvin Air Systems, representing the customer, applied for a rebate with the local utility company resulting in a cash rebate totalling 8% of the project cost.

This is an example of how the highly skilled Arvin Air technicians and engineers identified a cost saving opportunity for the maintenance agreement client. Arvin Air incorporates a continuous improvement plan for all preventative maintenance customers.