Repair vs replace HVAC equipment

Deciding whether to repair or replace HVAC equipment is never easy; however, the following factors can help you make a decision:

Reliability in your system: If the HVAC equipment is an essential element of the business where failure adds to production costs, replacement or redundancy becomes the preferred option.

Age of your system: HVAC equipment has a service life expectancy from 10 to 20 years. Once the useful life has been exceeded, it is more likely that your equipment will be unreliable and require costly repairs.

Outdated technology: With HVAC technological advancements, certain equipment can be withdrawn from the market for reasons such as low efficiency, high environmental impact or safety hazards. As a result, accessing parts for these discontinued units may be difficult or impossible.

Repair cost: Depending on the type of equipment, capacity and size, it should be evaluated whether replacement is more beneficial than repairing. Our experience has determined that if repair costs are greater than 70% of the cost of new equipment, we would recommend replacing the HVAC equipment.

Utility rebates: Retrofitting to higher efficiency HVAC equipment will provide significant energy savings and may allow an organization to qualify for government or utility incentives.

At Arvin Air Systems we have 48 years of experience designing, installing and repairing industrial and commercial HVAC systems. Call our engineers, they will help you make the most beneficial decision for your business, including accessing energy savings rebates.