Local exhaust systems

In most industrial plants, hazardous or nuisance contaminants are generated as by-products of production. Welding fumes, vapours from chemical processes, grinding dust, spray paint and oil mist are among the most common air contaminants found in industrial facilities. Installing a local capture system near the source will help extract pollutants which would negatively affect employee health and/or comfort.

These systems are generally comprised of a “hood” or capture device, a duct system, a filtration system and fan(s). The hood design depends on the toxicity and physical properties of the contaminant, employee work stations and the available physical area.

A common practice is to use general exhaust rather than local exhaust. Arvin Air has calculated that each exhaust CFM costs a $1.80 in energy per year. Reducing the exhaust by 10,000 CFM, will reduce operating cost accordingly by $18,000 annually.

With over 50 years of experience in designing, fabricating and installing localized exhaust systems, Arvin Air has partnered with industrial clients to deliver solutions for their ventilation challenges, these include issues ranging from welding fumes to paint room storage.